Friday, April 2, 2010

My period came last night...

I love how my blog is used mainly to record my pms and menstruation. I'm such a whiner that it is completely necessary for me to mention my pms/period every bloody (pun intended) time
...when I was in the midst of preparing for my Negotiations examination today.
Bad timing.
I'm not sure if it went well. Being the bias bitch Ms Sumathi is famous for, I can't be confident anymore. Because she flunk me in the Client Counselling and I can never forgive her for that. She wrote all these comments in Lekhna's (my partner) page mentioning things she failed to do, like eye contact, open and closed questions etc. And then being the lazy bitch she is, she didn't even bother commenting on my page, except for a short "same as Lekhna's".
It is IMPOSSIBLE for two person to act the same way. I am very very upset because I did most of the things she said we didn't. And it is pointless for us to argue now, there wasn't any recordings made. Her word is final. Further arguments will only result in her having a bad impression on us and flunking us for nego and mooting.
I pray she isn't like me, getting her period the day before. And I truly hope she had some fantastic animal sex with some guy she finds hot last night. And the guy'd better be good in bed thereby helping her reach multiple toe-curling, hair-pulling, back-clawing orgasms. So she can be in a better mood today and thus give me a better grade.
I also have consult tomorrow with Ms Kath and I have to finish up two essays by then. And its 1.27am as of now.
Forgive the language.
I'm just cranky because I have so much to do and I'm having my period.

In other words, I'm feeling the Sumathi.

I feel exhausted mentally and physically.

I don't want to start.