Monday, July 19, 2010

Self reminder.

I have just replied all the comments in my blog. I am deeply sorry for the notably-considerably-extremely-incredibly-exceedingly-unforgivably late replies.
I actually did not even realize some of the comments existed until just now.
WHICH, from now on is no longer a problem because I have changed my blog settings to notify me via email everytime someone comments.
My apologies again.

I promise I am not a tiao-keh person.

No really I'm serious.


  1. babe I love your new blog title & omg-that-pretty-typewriter! I WISH I HAVE ONE.

  2. thank you my love! I KNOW RIGHT?!
    my mom used to have an old sky blue typewriter of her own before but it think its thrown away when we were moving. I cant find it anymore.