Saturday, May 14, 2011

20 facts about me:

1.     I have a loud sneeze. And by loud I mean manly.
2.     Subconsciously I narrate my everyday life inside my brain. In third person. With a British accent.
3.     I eat a lot. I mentally prepare myself to suffer from a cardiac arrest any second, and with the amount of Mcdonalds I eat, it really will come as no surprise.
4.     My all time favorite chick flick is How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days.
5.     James McAvoy is my new Patrick Dempsey. I love him in almost every movie I see him in, except for Wanted, where he depicted himself as American. Not that I have anything against Americans but I am a hopeless sucker for his refined English/Scottish accent in movies like Becoming Jane, Atonement etc. 

Let me touch you before I die please.
I need to do something about my non-existent sex life.
6.     When I am nervous I talk a lot. When I am drunk I talk even more.
7.     I am a dreamer. I have a wedding playlist, and my wedding gown picked out, even though I do not even have a boyfriend. Which is fine until it comes to picturing my (future) baby’s face. That's when it gets a little bit tricky. YES I AM CREEPY THAT WAY.
8.     I neglect my phone. I get shit from my friends for this.
9.     I can be a pushover. I also get shit from my friends for this. :’)
10. As of this second my playlist is playing Feels like Home, the Chantal Krevizuk version. I will take all the time in the world to find that special someone worth dedicating this song to. Don't rush me!
11. I used to have a picture of Brian Littrel (yes yes Backstreet Boys) in my wallet. Next to a passport photo of myself. But in all fairness I was in Primary Four.
12. I am very emotional. I am terrible with goodbyes. So much so that sometimes I just skip them.
13.I love scrapbooking. Artsy fartsy stuff. Doodling, sketching and the occasional painting.
14.I am incredible when it comes to discovering non-obvious gay men. It’s uncanny. Almost as though I have a gay alarm in my system that goes BEEP BEEP BEEP whenever a gay man is within a 2 metre radius.
15. I cannot imagine a day of my life without music. But I can do so without my phone.
16. At the moment my favourite authors are Paulo Coelho and Nick Hornby.
17. I love colours.
18. It is easy to tell when my heart/mind is in a mess; because my room will be in one too. Then in an oddly therapeutic process, I will clean up every bit of my room and arrange everything in a certain order.
19. Writing is a passion, not necessarily for an audience. I love writing for my own leisure and relaxation. Which explains this blog that only very few of my friends know about. People I keep very close to my heart, people whom I know will never judge.
20. I’d very much like to learn tap dancing one day.


  1. OMG, why do we always love the same man? James MCAvoy is makes me swoon with his SCOTTISH not British accent..hehehe, get it correct, girl.

  2. I believe I wrote English/Scottish girl :p

  3. It should just be scottish;) gosh, i thought i was the only who had the hots for him.

  4. Haha you're too adorable my best friend! I love your 20 facts :)

  5. THANKS GUYS! <3
    I still can't seem to get over the fact that you are all capable of layan-ing my over the top lameness.
    Consider yourself superior to the rest of humankind because this is no easy feat.

  6. Haha, I'm glad you are "trading in" Patrick Dempsey for James McAvoy, I like him a lot lot better. Wish he always looked like he did as Mr. Tumnus though:)

    Cell phones are overrated. I never see how people couldn't live without one either.

    And my gay-dar is superb too! Especially with straight-looking girls, I always know! And the funny thing is, somehow it always turns out I'm right too. Even when I don't personally know them, I somehow always come across "proof".

  7. P.S. I'm glad you sneeze loudly, I do too haha. It creeps me out when girls have these tiny "sweet" almost fake sneezes...