Friday, February 17, 2012

Dum dee dum.

Once again ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of the month! 
And since I wasted spent the entire day rolled up in a ball just moaning poor me why me on my bed, I had (finally) decided to do something, anything, to pick my spirits up instead.
So I scanned my room while rooted to my bed (still refusing to move until I absolutely have to), and my make up bag caught my eye.
I dragged myself across the room and poured out all its contents...
I pulled my unruly hair into a tight, high ponytail to create a clear canvas (lol) in order to paint my own face with a period-induced vengeance. (MUAHAHAHAHAHA)

And, this is the end result.
Click on photo to enlarge. 
And ogle at my painstakingly applied eyeshadow please so I can feel less of a loser.

I must give credit to my BB cream by Dr. G, M.A.C Studio Finish SPF35 concealer and M.A.C Select Cover Up for that flawless finish. Do not be fooled. I can assure you my skin looks NOTHING like this before the application of all these products.
I also finished off with Shimmering Bronzer by Sephora. 
I cannot live without bronzers. They always give me that instant athletic, sun-kissed boost (when we all know the kind of lazy bum I actually am) and help sculpt my chubby face haha!

P.S. I apologize for the super fake and awkward smile(s). Failed attempt at trying to look serene and classy HAHA. I need (a lot) more practice. BEAR WITH ME FOR NOW TRY NOT TO PUNCH MY FACE THANK YOU.


  1. awww babe you're so pretty!I love your make up!

  2. hello there my drop dead gorgeous bff! you look stunning love! <3

  3. you did good! so pretty :) love the dewey makeup! btw, i'm currently holding a giveaway for my whole-hearted followers if you're interested! i hope we can connect!


  4. your make up is simply adorable! But what caught my eye the most was the lace top - very cute!