Sunday, November 7, 2010

My eyes are so bleary

I guess I'm young
But I feel so weary

We seek them everyday of our lives.
Its in our nature to be curious, to not leave any stones unturned. That is how we evolve and advance, that is what makes us what we are today.

We all have unanswered questions.
Sometimes we just keep them to ourselves because of various reasons.
Like pride?
Or fear.

Fear of the unknown.

More often than not. The answers are there staring right back at us, but we refuse to acknowledge it.
Simply because the truth hurts.
Sometimes, it is so much easier to turn our backs to the real answer and pretend we don't see it.

Because sometimes, when we find the answers we are looking for, whether intentionally or otherwise, it invariably leads to even more questions.
More unanswered questions that stay and torment us every minute of the day.
Clawing at the walls of our heads, driving us insane.

We are too smart for our own good.
So sometimes, it really is the lesser of two evils to turn a blind eye.
Some questions are better left alone.

I am alone on a bicycle for two.


  1. *hugs*
    questions lead to more questions. But question is, what will you do when you have the answer?

  2. Babe, love your post. (: dont be emo, if yew are. HUGGIES!

  3. Sally: Well said darling. That exactly how I feel right now.

    Suleen: Thank you, you are such a dear. *hugs back*