Friday, March 12, 2010

And I am weird.

I'm not a big fan of pop music or the R&B shit that circulate MTV and your local English station.
There are a few fine ones. Just that in general, I think the music is shallow and overrated.

Mainstream music today seems to be designed for sex-crazed kids.
Let me put it to you in this way:
Normally, you don't like the song the first time you hear it.
Or the second or third.
Or even the 10th.
But as the radio station continuously played the music. Repeatedly. Over and over again.
The song gets stuck in your head, and you realized to yourself one day, "Hmm, this song is pretty catchy."
Its almost like a hypnotizing effect.
You're forced, against your own better judgement, to like a song simply because it is familiar.
And everyone likes familiar things.
Especially lyrics.

Moral of the story, MTV and radio stations mindfucked you into liking a song.

But please spare me the shit because I am only expressing my own opinion. And everyone is entitled to having their own opinions.

So my taste in music bends towards indie and off-mainstream.
And also some oldies. :)
I simply adore Nancy Sinatra.

I've recently found out about Lissie. her song "everywhere I go" is truly amazing. Her voice, so delicate yet it cuts through my soul and sent a chill down my spine.
I love her.
But of course, Rachael Yamagata is still my favorite indie artist of all times.
She has passion and she has soul. Her voice is so true. Its a luxury indulging in her music.

Music is all about the soul.
I can only relate to music that can actually, touch my soul.

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