Sunday, March 21, 2010

Taste of Bollywood.

I went for Lekhna's sister, Lochna's birthday party tonight, and the theme was Indian Night, and it was set in a beautiful Indian restaurant.
It had a lovely exotic maharaja feel to it :)

I went earlier to Lekhna's house to get ready. Both her mother and her grandmother helped me put on the green saree I was wearing earlier tonight. They were amazingly kind and helpful. Such sweethearts :) Nothing like what Angel warned me about earlier, about how the mother can be cranky.

I adore the green saree.
It was so lovely.
Lekna also bought me matching green bangles, and Lochna lent me a pair of lovely earrings to wear with my saree. Its amazing how heart-warming Indians are.
Angel loved how I looked and told me since I never looked chinese to begin with, the entire outfit made me look as though I'm a Chindian.
She was not too bad herself. Angel looked stunning in a pink sari, and she really do actually looked like a graceful mermaid.

The food at the party was divine.
I felt like a scavenger scouring the buffet table lol.
I took huge portions and went for 2nd helpings.
I really can't remember the last time I had mutton curry.
I felt like I died and went to heaven.
Its the amazing food. And also the saree effect. It made me feel so beautiful, oh my, like a hot bollywood actress. wake up wake up WAKE UP mary; snap back to reality

I also met new Indian friends.
There was Harrish, Amirthan, Darren and Lingesh.
Darren, was supposed to be my escort, but he prefers to call me his date. He's this really cute Indian guy with a heart-melting smile. Throughout the entire night he was quoting love songs to me.
They are all really passionate people and they have all these infectious spirit. The boys are all so hyperactive, I kid you not; I'll never forget how they rock the dance floor.
They really took care of us the whole night.
Lovely people.

I had a great time. I really enjoyed the Indian culture.
I won't mind going out on a date with an indian guy haha!

Well.... Indian guy minus all that body hair :p

Here's a picture of Angel and I on the way to the restaurant.

More next time!


  1. totally glad you're having fun sweetings! always nice to have a jovial entry in de blog every now n then.

  2. sorry my blog has been rather morbid.
    haha its ironic how i only get the mood to blog when I'm sad. we're inspired by depression.
    updates happen mostly when i'm having pms if you havent noticed HAHA!