Friday, October 1, 2010

I am afraid of the answer.

I met a palm-reading man a week ago, who told me a few things about myself.
Some of my past, others of my future.

I'm 20 years old.

I've had 3 boyfriends. Correct.

I will live to be more than 80 years old. Hopefully correct.

I have about 16 friends whom I hold very close to my heart, but 5 to 6 of them are not fond of me.
I was taken off guard by this. I didn't know I make enemies, but then again I can't please everyone. I just hope they are not people who are too close to me.

I will be rich, but I will see deaths amongst people around me.
Now this, I fear. I fear goodbyes more than anything else in the world. My favourite aunt passed away the second year my family moved back to Kuching. I watched in silent horror as the cancer ate away the jovial and energetic woman I cared for like a second mother.
Now after this, I wonder if I was the cause of her death...

I will go abroad twice. After the first visit, I'll come back. On the second time, I'd stay away permanently.
If this is what I've always wanted, why do I feel a twinge of sadness when I hear this?

After studying my hand for a while, he fixed me with an odd concerned look.
"Child, why are you worrying? You worry from the second you wake up and you worry even after you fall asleep. You are not happy. You are tired. But you are so young, there is no reason for you to be this worried."

Why do I worry?


  1. never worry and take things to heart, my dear:)
    Fate changes all the time, one minute its like this another its different. the man is right, why worry? live life with no regrets!

  2. @Sally: Thank you love. :) You have got to be one of the most infectiously happy person I know.

    @Danica C.: I love you too darling. :) Thank for always being there. *hugs*

  3. gosh. wanna meet palm guy myself.

  4. he might have meant me. der's time i want to murder u, bitch :P

  5. and no, u din cause her death.

  6. SS: :) your comments made me smile. Yes. ALL of them.