Thursday, July 11, 2013

I miss her.

When I'm with her, my fears melt away and she makes me feel as though anything is possible.
She's the human form of optimism, dreams and all things beautiful.
She may not know it but she's the pillar of my strength on my rocky days. Her voice is my favorite sound.

I love this girl to the moon and back.


  1. "If you find yourself here, chances are you have somehow stumbled upon my blog by chance. (Or you are a stalker. A very clever one too because I don't link my url to any of my social networks haha! So do drop me, the un-tech-savvy idiot, a note on how you did this. I'm VERY curious haha!)"

    Hi there! :)

    I found your blog through a search on Google and found that you "love blowing balloons" like it says at the side of your blog. I kind of like blowing and playing with balloons too, so I just did a random search to see if I could find anybody in common, and poof here I am. :)

    Might sound childish of me to still like blowing and playing with balloons but since it says you like it too, then I guess that's not so bad right? haha~

  2. There is NOTHING. WRONG. with loving balloons.
    Heck I'd take balloons over flowers any day and I love flowers!
    :) You have the same initials as my best friend. For a second there I thought you were her. I'm quite sure she has a love affair with balloons as well!
    And hello back to you! :)

  3. LOLLL NO I'm a guy!! hahaha! well why do you say that about your friend?