Monday, November 22, 2010

Come away with me

and I will 
a song.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

On the bus,




I SWEAR those eyes can get away with anything! 
So beautifully hypnotizing ZOMGGG.
She was looking down at my favorite moccasins and making adorable gurgling sounds. And as though in a trance, I almost took them off for her.
No second thoughts about walking home from the bus stand barefooted!

Well well well.
*scratches chin slyly*
Now if I kidnap her, we can take the world by storm!
She'll do the dazzling and I can do the stealing part and and I will be rich MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH-okyeathatsenoughmary.

She's gonna be a real heartbreaker :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

没有什么 会永垂不朽

还没好好的感受 雪花绽放的气候
我们一起颤抖 会更明白 什么是温柔
还没跟你牵著手 走过荒芜的沙丘
可能从此以后学会珍惜 天长和地久
还没为你把红豆 熬成缠绵的伤口
然后一起分享 会更明白 相思的哀愁
还没好好的感受 醒著亲吻的温柔
可能在我左右 你才追求 孤独的自由

有时候 有时候

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Help me believe in rainbow after the rain.

Snow White (my laptop) has failed me once again so I am typing this with another friend's laptop.

That is just one of the many things that has not been going my way.
But I refuse to complain and I shall hold no regrets. I'll just mark them down as experience.
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
I remembered making a bookmark with those words when I was 12?
Well now its about time I start believing them.
I'm struggling to be optimistic right here and focus on the small delights of life.

And ta-da~!

This made my day. :)

Its the 21st century and Santa has twitter! :)

And yes *shifty eyes* I confess I am so weird I actually typed out santa claus in the search button of twitter. 
And then proceeded to stalk follow him.  But in my defence, I really can use some christmas spirit right now. :p
ALSO, it must be said, santa followed me back too! (PROOF IN THE FIRST PICTURE ABOVE)

*toothy grin*

Thursday, November 11, 2010

You are free.

But you have to choose.
An open oven bakes no bread.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My eyes are so bleary

I guess I'm young
But I feel so weary

We seek them everyday of our lives.
Its in our nature to be curious, to not leave any stones unturned. That is how we evolve and advance, that is what makes us what we are today.

We all have unanswered questions.
Sometimes we just keep them to ourselves because of various reasons.
Like pride?
Or fear.

Fear of the unknown.

More often than not. The answers are there staring right back at us, but we refuse to acknowledge it.
Simply because the truth hurts.
Sometimes, it is so much easier to turn our backs to the real answer and pretend we don't see it.

Because sometimes, when we find the answers we are looking for, whether intentionally or otherwise, it invariably leads to even more questions.
More unanswered questions that stay and torment us every minute of the day.
Clawing at the walls of our heads, driving us insane.

We are too smart for our own good.
So sometimes, it really is the lesser of two evils to turn a blind eye.
Some questions are better left alone.

I am alone on a bicycle for two.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tale as old as time; song as old as rhyme.

A few weeks ago, Disney had re-released Beauty and the Beast on DVD!

If you are a hopeless sucker of the movie and Ellen Degeneres (like me), then you'd want to click here and view this. :)

Its my guilty pleasure movie.
Growing up, I had a special fondness for Belle because I felt I was a lot like her, wait a minute quittheeyerollingthankyou HEAR ME OUT, not the beauty part.
Just how we are both the odd one out, loves reading and believes in fairytales.
Sprited, we are both full of dreams.


I have a secret crush on Ellen Degeneres.
I am straight as a stick but I CANNOT DENY I AM ATTRACTED TO HER.
She's so smart and so very charming. I'm incredibly drawn to the intelligent twinkle in her eyes and to her easy  humour.
Okay the word crush may be pushing it a bit far because I simply cannot picture the IDEA of a girl kissing me.

*and shudders uncontrollably*

NOPE. No blardy way.

Can't deny she is the only lesbian I am attracted to haha.
Enjoy the link! :)