Friday, February 17, 2012

Dum dee dum.

Once again ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of the month! 
And since I wasted spent the entire day rolled up in a ball just moaning poor me why me on my bed, I had (finally) decided to do something, anything, to pick my spirits up instead.
So I scanned my room while rooted to my bed (still refusing to move until I absolutely have to), and my make up bag caught my eye.
I dragged myself across the room and poured out all its contents...
I pulled my unruly hair into a tight, high ponytail to create a clear canvas (lol) in order to paint my own face with a period-induced vengeance. (MUAHAHAHAHAHA)

And, this is the end result.
Click on photo to enlarge. 
And ogle at my painstakingly applied eyeshadow please so I can feel less of a loser.

I must give credit to my BB cream by Dr. G, M.A.C Studio Finish SPF35 concealer and M.A.C Select Cover Up for that flawless finish. Do not be fooled. I can assure you my skin looks NOTHING like this before the application of all these products.
I also finished off with Shimmering Bronzer by Sephora. 
I cannot live without bronzers. They always give me that instant athletic, sun-kissed boost (when we all know the kind of lazy bum I actually am) and help sculpt my chubby face haha!

P.S. I apologize for the super fake and awkward smile(s). Failed attempt at trying to look serene and classy HAHA. I need (a lot) more practice. BEAR WITH ME FOR NOW TRY NOT TO PUNCH MY FACE THANK YOU.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

She's always buzzing just like neon, neon!

Lipstick: Atomic Orange, Bobbi Brown
The lip colour I am most in love with from the Bobbi Brown Spring 2012 Neons & Nudes Collection!
This is not a lipstick for the weak-hearted.
The poor brother had the shock of his life when he saw me sporting this bold lip color HAHA.

Photo definitely does NOT do justice to the stunning lipstick. I apologize. I also blame the poor camera and bad lighting.
The loud, neon color really jumps out at you.
Truth to be told it took me a few seconds to adjust to the brightness myself, but the color grew on me in no time! In fact, I find the neon shade a refreshing change from all the pastels and nudes I loved dearly before this.
For the first time in my life I have fluorescent lips! :)

Now I feel well-equipped to face all the hardship and challenges that lay before me, lipstick'a-blazing! (yes yes you caught me that's the shopaholic in me justifying profusely for my neverending splurges. Sigh.)