Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sun and Sand.

So yes, it has come to my knowledge that I have neglected my blog for a while (*cough* ER), but if you are expecting me to sprout apologies, launch into a series of excuses on how busy I have been, or how lazy, or how I simply do not have the mojo to blog, and then proceed to annoyingly beg for forgiveness (sound familiar?), I'm afraid you shall be sadly disappointed. (Wow this is a pretty long sentence. I feel out of breath just by typing it haha!)

Because I am too cool for that. Okay just kidding. More like I'm a loser and no one reads my blog. So I have no obligation to meet any expectations from my readers (or lack of readers), unlike those famous bloggers who have a string of dedicated fans following their blog everyday. The pressure. Haha! Good luck!

OKAY. So now I got the ice-breaking out of the way by writing two paragraphs of complete utter nonsense, I shall move on to more important issues like...

I just farted.


Doesn't mean I wasn't serious about the fart though...

Had an impromptu mini Port Dickson getaway about 2 months back, and since I did write a lot of useless rubbish just now I will let the photos do the talking from now on. :)

The last two group photos are basically there to emphasize my role as the very annoying FIFTH WHEEL/lightbulb in an otherwise romantic double-couple getaway. HAHA!
I think I've been single for too long I'm starting to annoy my friends. Actually no my friends love me. Actually typing this makes me sound like a sad loser looking for reassurance. Actually I should probably shut up right nowBYE.