Friday, January 29, 2010

You were like sand

So fine;
You slipped through my hand

I'm perplexed at how the human mind operates.
Because I cannot comprehend why I'm feeling so affected by a person from my distant past tonight. After nearly 4 years. at 3.22am in the morning.
But at least it is only tonight you came revisiting my thoughts.

I guess a part of me will never forget.
Because that part of me knew I could have made things different, if only I tried a little harder to make things work.
But you had to happen, to make me who I am today.
You appeared to show me how to be the perfect girlfriend, as what I am towards my boyfriend now. I just wish I could have learnt that before meeting you; so I could have a shot at being the perfect girlfriend for you, because it was all you deserved.
For you had been the perfect boyfriend for me.

I know that this will not bring tears, only a heavy heart of what could have been.
I know these feelings will only last for tonight, and will not stay to torture me as time really has washed away the searing pain.
Only a scar remain.
For tonight is only a fleeting moment
Where I find myself recapturing the past once again
And the past is merely a memory; it meant nothing more.

Life works like a cycle.
A person comes into your life.
He makes an impression; he teaches you a lesson.
And then he has to leave, in order for you to actually learn that lesson.

And most of the time, we realized that bit.
But what we failed to notice is that...
even in their life
We also played a part;
we also left a mark.

in itself
is the comfort many seek
but have failed to find