Sunday, January 31, 2010


Angel lost her Blackberry when we were strolling in a rather crowded IKEA.
I feel really bad for her, the poor thing. She just got that phone and she absolutely love it :(
And this had to happen.
Its so sad, because Angel is such a nice girl. Why doesn't bad things only happen to bad people? :(

And I didn't get to paint my room today due to lack of time and too many unexpected happenings, Angel losing her phone being one of them.
A bit disappointed as I really wanted to get everything done today. But at least tomorrow is Sunday and I still have time to get things done, just as what Verus said.
I think what I really learnt today is to not get things worked out too early and expect too much.
Because you'd never know what'd happen in the next minute.
One minute Angel was talking to her mother on the phone; the next her phone was stolen.
One day Terrence's mom was just talking proudly to her colleagues about her son; the next he's dead. :(:(
Take life one step at a time. I've heard this before, but I've never actually understood it as clearly as I do now.
Don't take life too seriously; no one gets out alive anyway.
Morbid joke but true nonetheless.

Never ever EVER be a smart-ass and assume you have life all figured out.
Because no matter how sure you are of a certain thing, in the end its all in God's hands.
He's the real player. We are all merely checkers in the game.

Most of my belongings had been successfully transferred here.
I'll have to make one last trip tomorrow to scrap my room clean from my possessions :)


  1. Hey, try read up Christopher Pike's work called "Sita". Its about a gal who thinks she is God. Worth a read. If you cant find it, get from me, i got de soft copy.

    Super nice, i'm rereading admist my hectic schedule :)

  2. :) i read the soft copy u sent me last time.
    nice one.
    reminds me of old christopher pike days in chms with you.
    the library was our escape and because of the limited number of books we got to borrow, i used to hide books HAHA!
    good times, good times. :)