Sunday, February 7, 2010

Now the reason I've been away

is because my laptop FAILED me. I sent it back to the store thinking they will help me reformat it and give it back to me within the day, but apparently it was a lot more serious. There was a problem with the hard disk and they are sending in the warranty to get it fixed.

This means two things:
1) I don't have to pay
2) I have to wait two weeks. T_T

Which also means that I won't get my laptop back before Chinese New Year.
But the two guys at the Fujitsu Centre were being surprisingly really nice to me. They didn't charge me for anything even though I made them check my laptop. Which they normally do, and which they didn't stop reminding me about. lol.

Angel said, "Girl, be grateful that you have a pretty face and you are a nice person."
But my personal opinion is that they were pretty freaked out by my consistent whining:

"Yer why laaa....wheniboughtthelaptopyousaidtocomebacktoyouifanythingwaswrongwithinayear...*whine* why do you have to CHARGE.ME.NOW.? *whine*"

I swear the frequency of my whining voice can kill some fly on that wall.
I even felt irritated at myself, lol.
BUT OH WELL, just to justify myself, a student on a student budget's got to fight for her rights! :D

And right now I'm using Angel's laptop to rant my frustration.
I never thought my laptop played such an important part in my life.
Now that you're gone I realized how important you are to me, so darling laptop, will you marry me?
Sorry sorry its the lack of laptop thats getting to my head and making me delusional.

I have moved into my shoebox of a new place in Desa Kiara.
I actually really like it here. Its calm, peaceful and there's only 4 people in the house.

Boon, Lo Jie, Angel and I.

Lo Jie (Angel and I secretly calls him Roger, since he loathe that name haha) is actually a great cook, and he made us awesome spaghetti just the other day. He's a cute guy who has been in a seven year relationship with his cute girlfriend. :) I hope they last and get married, because they are nice people and it'd be nice to see some happy endings for a change. Its people like them that restore my faith in true love.