Friday, February 26, 2010

Eleven Years.

I re-watched the old movie 10 Things I Hate About You yesterday.
Heath Ledger is/was the sexiest man on earth.
His death was a gigantic loss to womankind. I cannot accept it. Because I can never enough of his movies, and um his butt, and and his sexy delicious Australian accent.
My future husband needs to learn that accent.
I'd get aroused immediately and it would save up tons of time otherwise needed with foreplay.

Patrick: Some asshole paid me to take out this really great girl.
Kat: Is that right?
Patrick: Yeah, but I screwed up. I, um, I fell for her.

Julia Stiles is one lucky bitch to get to be Kat in the movie. But it must be said that she too, is a wonderful actress and she definitely portrayed the character perfectly in the movie. Shir, you should watch this movie (if you haven't already) because I'm sure you will love Julia Stiles. :) Kat's character reminds me of you somehow. Headstrong, beautiful and cool; she does not care about fitting in at all.

Its one of my favorite movies. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in it as well, the guy from 500 Days of Summer - a beautiful indie movie released just last year.
He looked so young back then.

Oh shit.
It just struck me how time flies.
Its been 11 years since 10 Things I Hate About You.


  1. hey hey, u like Australian accent eh.... lemme introduce u to my brother!!! bwhahahahahahaaa.... LMHO!!!!!

  2. oh i love that movie too... i feel like watching it again...

    "I'd get aroused immediately and it would save up tons of time otherwise needed with foreplay."

    you cracked me up.. LOL
    it's easy to learn aussie accent.. you'll have no problem then.. HAHA

  3. SS: HAHA if and im js saying IF, im dating your brother, it'd feel like incest IDUNNOWHY. HAHA!

    Sheryl: HAHA i hope it'd REALLY be easy my future husband to learn it. My sex life can use a catalyst hahahahah!