Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have put on too much weight and gained too much pimples.

And it bothers me a lot, but not enough for me to do something about it...
I don't know why.


And I am feeling very emotional. Things that don't normally bother me gets to me easily, although I did a good job hiding it from everyone else with my smile and chirpy voice.
I blame pms, cause I can feel my period coming.
I don't think women ever grow out of pms; they just learn to hide it better over the years.

My CNY holidays are drawing to an end, and its bye bye Kuching and hello KL once again.

I don't want to leave.
I love slacking and lazing around the house.
I love eating home-cooked food everyday and watch old movies to pass the time.
I love fooling around with my family, laughing and simply having our own precious family time.
I love looking at old photographs and telling stories out of them with my family...

I actually...
don't mind being a bum for the rest of my life.
I realized I don't actually mind a life without purpose.


but then, all this may just be my pms talking.
Not me.