Friday, May 14, 2010

Let's talk equations.

Exams = shitload amount of stress = enlarged appetite + slightly delusional + distorted mind

I shall elaborate.

Enlarged appetite means I also order crazy amount of pizzas.
Modern technology has made food so accessible.
Its pure evil.

Dominoes pizza is only several clicks away . I don't even need to pick up the damn phone to make an order. And we all have been through the hassle of phone ordering, being put on a hold- the Malaysian customer service is famous for that. =.=

So back to the whole evil pizzas topic.
There is something very wrong with Dominoes.
I mean look at it.
Easy and efficient ordering, prompt 30 minutes or less delivery time, hot sizzling pizza at your doorstep with an ever polite delivery man.
I smell something fishy! *narrows eyes*
and no darling its not from my favorite Tuna Temptation pizza.
So I have a theory about Dominoes.
I secretly think they are a secret organization set up to conquer the world. O_O
They are a well-oiled organization and they paved an ultimate way into our hearts - through our stomach!
Its a conspiracy I tell you!

But anyway, I can't be a powerpuff girl and save the world because I have to save myself from exams. :(
So I delude myself from the evil plans lurking beneath Dominoes' innocent cover and welcome the delivery man with a blood-thirsty smile.
Blood thirsty for the pizza of course, not the delivery man. Unless he has Matthew Mcconaughey's butt.
Then I'd pay the man, take my (holy) pizza and put it on the dining table.
Clutching a slice, I'd automatically walk towards the balcony.
Which was what I did today, and then I saw an eagle. You see, I live on the 24th floor of my condominium, and therefore eagles spotting is very normal due to the height.
Then I have a very ugly picture painted in my head.
The eagle, with its sharp eagle eyes, diving down to my balcony and STEALING MY SLICE OF PIZZA.
The picture is too horrific to imagine.
I stepped away from the balcony. I do not wish to fight an eagle for my pizza.
Stop giving me the look. My pizza is very important ok! A girl needs her nutrition!

Okay now I guess you have the better understanding of the equation, which I will retype to save you from scrolling up because I am so kind.

Exams = shitload amount of stress = enlarged appetite + slightly delusional + distorted mind

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