Monday, May 17, 2010

You know that secret place you have in your heart?

Your miniature heaven when things fall apart?

I have mine too; its beautiful.

Its a small winding road with lovely green and tall trees, and I'm in a car driving on that winding road.
The trees are grown thick together, I see them tall and natural and wild, nothing landscaped or cultivated.
The trees tower around me, big and strong; as though guarding me protectively from any harm.
Small rays of sunlight peek in between the leaves and add warmth to the otherwise dark woods.

The window to my car is winded down, and I do more than just visualize this figment of my imagination; I can smell the trees and the earth beneath the rolling tyres.
Fresh and welcoming.
Crisp and cool.
For some reason the temperature in my little escape is always much cooler than reality.
The soft wind started touching my skin tentatively at first, then as the car takes up speed, began boldly caressing my cheeks.

As the car accelerates, the green, orange leaves and branches of the woods paints an extraordinary and breathtaking canvas of splashing green, blotches of orange, balanced by an earthy tone.
An art like no other.

I will be in the car surrounded by that moving canvas painted on all my windows. My windshield will have the same canvas on the sides, and a small earthy road in the middle, leading my way forward.

I do not want the journey to end, I like to lose myself in these amazing woods.
It was as though mother earth had build a cradle, a magnificent nest for me to crawl into; for me to come home to.


  1. i love this post.

    the description is so vivid.

    and your choice of words, as usual, is flawless.

    i'm so sure you will have great success in Life.

    cuz those gifted with the talents to articulate beautifully, will always win hearts :)

  2. thank you so very much for your kind words.
    which i know is rather hard to get from you HAHA! makes it all the more special ;)

    you're one fine special young lady yourself.
    only you refused to believe it.
    i love how you write too.
    i'm officially the first reader of your writing materials :)